November 22, 2009

Starting Over

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It’s been ages since I even really looked at this place, but it’s time for me to start over and get going with it again.


In the past 18 months or so I’ve graduated college, moved, started a job in publishing, somehow kept said job in publishing, and somewhere along the way really gotten lost from much use of open source. Luckily, I didn’t fall out with the idea of open source, just the practice. I’ve been mostly a solid MacOS user for a while. Linux was there as a “I want to get back to is some day, but don’t have the time or energy to do it now” thing. And I don’t really have the energy for anything right now, but I have the time. So I’m back going again. This time I’m working more on not just running Ubuntu, but also getting involved. I think this will 1) help me have the motivation to keep working through when things get rough and 2) give me motivation to move more towards Ubuntu for most of my computer usage.


Several weeks ago, I upgraded my VMWare Fusion and installed Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala). This went mostly smoothly with the most annoying problems being issues with VMWare and not at all Ubuntu. However, there was one major issue with the install. The sound didn’t work. I searched the internet for an answer and discovered pretty much immediately that it was an issue that VMWare Fusion has with pulseaudio. From the post on the VMWare forums I found, it’s specific to VMWare Fusion (people with MacOS machines that dual booted with Ubuntu 9.10 didn’t have this issue). Luckily, the post did offer a suggested fix which was to uninstall pulseaudio and install esound instead. So far this fix has worked for me.


Other than the initial sound issue, I haven’t been having any problems. I’m pleasantly surprised by how easy I’m finding it to mostly use Ubuntu rather than MacOS and am very glad that it wasn’t a hard transition back at all.


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