February 22, 2011

UDS Diversity – Accessibility/Disability Version Meeting TODAY

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One thing that’s been discussed recently quite a bit in the Ubuntu
community is fostering a diverse UDS. There is the newly proposed
Diversity Statement and Anti-Harrassment Statement, and as
part of that, there have been several meetings aimed at increasing
attendance of and friendliness to women resulting in plans to make it
. Now it’s time to discuss how we can better serve those
with accessibility needs who wish to attend!

To start talking about the issues involved, a meeting has been
scheduled for Tuesday February 22 (that’s today!) at 20:00 UTC in
#ubuntu-accessibility on freenode.

I really encourage anyone interested to attend. Even if you’ve never
been to a UDS and aren’t planning on applying for sponsorship for the
next UDS, we really want your input on how we can do the best to
encourage people who have accessibility needs (ranging from physical
to food allergies to sensory or anything else that might fall under
the broad range of issues that “accessibility” covers) to attend and
how we can make sure UDS is welcoming for all.

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