July 20, 2007

An intro of sorts

Filed under: background,intro — by Penelope Stowe @ 14:29

Tiger is getting a little long in the tooth now, and leopard is around the corner. But it’s a $129 corner, and I hear more and more about Linux being free. This is an experiment to see if I can save myself $129.

I have been hearing about Linux for years. One of my friends in high school used it, and, although I have never been much of a geek, I have a habit of making friends with geeks without meaning to. Most of them are Linux users. There has always been a sense that maybe some day I would be geeky enough to install Linux and learn how to use it, but never been more serious.

This spring I started thinking more seriously about installing Linux since it sounded like it was something I could do now without feeling so much over my head. Now that it’s summer and I have some time before my final year at uni, I’m giving it a go.

This blog is to document my experiences as a first time Linux user right from the beginning. And who knows? Maybe I won’t ever bother spending that money on leopard.

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