July 27, 2007

And So I Begin…

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I really do not know much about computers past what most basic users know. This was my first time installing an operating system and I certainly had never set up a virtual machine before. I opted to use VMware and use a virtual machine because, although installing on a virtual machine removes my ability to do some the flashy 3-D stuff, it also takes away many of the hardware problems.

Installing and set-up in Ubuntu was simple. It’s no harder than any other operating system I have used. Everything was an easy walk-through for me. All of the programs I have tried so far used that came pre-installed have been easy to use and really no different from their MacOS counterparts.

The only part I had any problem with was installing VMware tools. First I was unsure which installer I should use. I opted to try the tar.gz installer because it was the one where I recognized the file type. I looked at the information provided by the VMware Fusion help index and got very confused. In retrospect, all the information was there, but I was confused by the presentation. I would have done better if the commands had been written out and then explained separately, rather than an explanation, then a command, another explanation, another command, etc. I figured, however, that if I was confused other people had been as well. I understood conceptually that I needed to copy the installer to a temp folder and then uncompress the installer and did those bits manually. After that was where I could not quite figure out what commands I needed so I went searching on the Ubuntu forums. I found the commands written out the way I needed them in a reply to this post as follows:

cd vmware-tools-distrub
sudo ./

I just okayed everything it wanted to do after that and it installed perfectly fine.

Now that I have VMware tools installed, things are working very well. Like any out-of-the-box computer I have ever had, everything “just works”. I’m looking forward to figuring out what I can do with Ubuntu now that I have it working.

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